K-12 Programs

Every Picture Tells A Story     75 minutes
The grade 3 Every Picture Tells A Story tour is designed to introduce children to a museum environment and to inspire their appreciation for art. Students will learn some history about the Arnot Art Museum, its role in the community and what is in a fine arts museum. Based on the Socratic Method of question and answer, students will be guided through an interpretation of various works of art on display with their classmates. Each student will be given the opportunity to create a piece of art based on the work they have explored in the Museum. Every Picture Tells A Story fulfills learning standards in the Arts and the English Language Arts.

Egyptian Art & Culture     90 minutes
Students in grade 6 studying Ancient River Valley Civilizations will be inspired by the variety of Ancient Egyptian artifacts on display at the Arnot Art Museum. Object-based learning provides the foundation for a lesson describing everyday uses for the artifacts on display, mythology connected to the art objects, religious beliefs, funerary practices, as well as the artistic merits of each artifact. Students will hear an interpretation of the Story of Osiris, the god of the afterlife, learn how to interpret Egyptian wall paintings and have the opportunity to create their own Egyptian artifact. The Egyptian Art & Culture tour fulfills learning standards in the Arts, Social Studies and English Language Arts.


Studio In Art     90 minutes
High School students in grades 9-12 that have chosen art as an elective will find the Studio In Art tour program to be challenging and exciting, requiring a high level of participation and willingness to share ideas in a group setting. Students will receive an introduction to the Arnot Art Museum and be guided through the most current exhibitions through a series of activities that reinforce the Elements & Principles of Art, traditional and contemporary art practices and thematic points of the work on display.  A variety of arts activities have been conducted as a part of this program: master copies, poetry among other creative writing assignments, group comic strips, exhibition design and independent drawing time. These tours are highly customizable and adaptable to the needs of your class or content area in the arts.  The Studio In Art tour addresses learning standards in the Arts, English Language Arts and History.

Custom Tours
All of the tours offered by the Arnot Art Museum are adaptable to the needs of your students and intended learning objectives. If the above curricula doesn’t address the learning goals for your tour group, a custom tour can be made by coordinating with the Museum Educator one month prior to your anticipated tour date. Please note that all tours will be designed around current exhibitions; works that are not on view will not be brought out of storage. Contact a Museum Educator at 607.734.3697 ext. 123 or by email,

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